World's Best Dad Cutting Board

Our laser engraved bamboo cutting boards are a beautiful way to accessorize the kitchen and also make for perfect gifts. Made in the USA from quality bamboo, our rectangular cutting boards are available in medium or large sizes.  The thickness of each board is ¾”.

  • Board measures 8” x 12”.
  • When using your bamboo board as a cutting/chopping board, we recommend that you cut on the back side to preserve the look of the personalized side for serving appetizers, snacks, cheese and crackers, etc.
  • Each board is unique and they all have their own markings. Please note that color can vary from board to board.  The laser engraving process is a burning process, and wood can burn differently depending on its grain or hardness.  While each board will have the same look and feel, there could be slight variations in the engraving depth and color.
  • We recommend handwashing your cutting board. To prevent cracking, we also recommend oiling it occasionally with vegetable oil.

 If you have any questions prior to purchasing an engraved bamboo cutting board, please let us know.



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